World's Greatest Hobby on Tour, Portland, OR

  •    Went to the train show today and I have to say I like it being in the convention center this time!  Nice and bright and comfy.  I didn't find any Thrall all-door boxcars in N, nor did I get my set of old timey passenger cars to go behind my 4-6-0, and I struck out on scoring 4 of the DZ143 decoders from Digitrax.  I also didn't find any HO dynamic brake blisters for an Athearn GP38-2 for my buddy Steve S at work.

      What I DID see was LOTS of people!  LOTS of kids!  LOTS and LOTS of trains!  I came home with 2 small sets of Bragdon weathering powders, a cheapo brush set for said powders, 2 sets of tweezers, a free casting to try the powders on, and a Bachmann N scale GE 70 tonner with DCC in red.

      All in all it was a fun day!