BASIC stamp kit at Radio Shack

  •   I was in my local Radio Shack picking up some AA batteries today and noticed they had a Parralax BASIC stamp kit for $99.  I think I will have to go back and get one.  I want to use it with a couple of photo diodes to start/stop a timer function at a set distance along the track and calculate/display scale speed.  Perhaps also add code to count axles and randomly do defect detection!  I don't know what other projects I could come up with, but I'm sure there are more out there...


  • Larry Doub
  • Vern Ehlke
    Vern Ehlke I bought an Arduino Uno at Radio Shack for similar experimentation. My initial experimentation is to control servo's for turnout control. I have it working with one servo currently, and I think the basic Arduino Uno can do up to 13 servos. It currently is...  more
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