Pains in the petootie

  •   The problems with the 2 different thicknesses if plywood for the shelf base didn't rear it's head until I decided that the 4" thick shelf was too high when sitting on the shelf brackets.  I wanted to keep the fascia on the front to hide wires and switch machines and serve as a valance for the lighting for the workbench below.  So I cut the back fascia off and set the shevles back on the brackets.  Whoops!!  Now it was apparent that the 1/4" difference would cause some problems.  I decided to place some 1" stringers lengthwide on the underside of the base (3/4" think on the thicker shelves).  This would even up the tops and allow a bit of space over the shelf brackets for wiring and such.

      Today I got the two 6' shelves finished - the glue is drying as I type this.  I need to pick up another couple of brackets and rails, and I have a small "bridge" section to make to adjust for the difference in the size/squareness of my room versus the plan.

       I am still debating on using a thin layer of foam on top of the shelves, or just use the height of the cork roadbed to give the height and allow for ditches and such.   This will be an industrial/yard style layout.  Minimal hills, and no water/valleys at this point.