Miscreant's escape from the Grimlin County jail

  • Everone models in differnt ways and use whatever imagination we can conger up in creating our magical scenes. This blog will attemp to express from the static view of those  people that just stand there like statues and stare into space, every scene has a story and the following may be a bit weird or even on target. Hope you enjoy, please excuse my typos


    And so this story starts in the western valley hamlet of Malfunction Junction in State of Trainlife. Two patrons in Rhodekills Cafe and Dry Goods were chatting about the jailbreak last night from  the Grimlin County Jail

    Say Jack did ya hear about the jailbreak


    How many get out this time

    Hear tell about anywhere from two to a hunded or so

    thats odd...why is that....is the jailer an idiot

    No he was just standing on duty... the grimlins move so quick...it's hard to count them let alone see em

    Aint never seen one...what do they look like

    The all look a bit different..only way to see en is with a blacklight and infra-red camera....some resemble frogs

    Dident know we had frogs

    No not the froggy kind...the railroad kind

    They all look like frogs

    Nope...they resemble what they are specalized at...They belong to a union and can get time carded if they endeavor into anyone esles craft...got strick rules...have to giggle afer they cause a bit of  develish mayham

    Why were they in jail in the first place

    Well some were held for trail account of kicking over trees, others hide and move things and some just like to burn wires, turn off circuits, cause shorts and raise cain in the village. Then theres the worse kind

    Whats the worse kind

    The railroad derailers, wheel degaugers, coupler droupers, cornfield meeters....Rumor has it...it's the Feather River Railroad's fault anyways

    Why  is that

    Well if they actuall repaired and took care of bussiness, there wouldnt be any Grimlins alive in the first place

    Ah....thats why the jail was so crouded in the first place

    Yep...The railroad leased the land for the jail....built the Jailhouse....if it had doors and a roof it mita held em.

    Sitting down at the counter a man in a nice suit sat down

    Morning Deacon, how are you this fine morning

    OK I guess...just dont know what were going to do,....come Sunday morn

    Whys that Deak

    Dang land grabbing Railroad just stole our church!!!









  • Graham Stokes
    Graham Stokes Engaging tale telling all kinds of model railroading truth-with a convincing code of characters. It's the Grimlins alright. The coupler droopers and have been plaguing me. I think we should get the Train Elves, who I always thought were on our side, l...  more
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  • John  Warren
    John Warren Thank You Sir Graham. It was fun to write, anyhow I got a few chuckles doing it.
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  • Steve Neubaum
    Steve Neubaum You are so right about imagination and coming up with stories about our "Plastic statues". Back when my Stephanie was alive, that was exactly what she would do. Place HO scale figures and animals around my layout and then write short stories about them. C...  more
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  • John  Warren
    John Warren That is a very heart warming story Steve, That I one of memory that will be with you forever. Yes it was fun to write from a whimsical viewpoint, and from your recollection's... I am sure glad took the effort to do it.
    Thank You
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