Life in the shop

  • Working for the Railroad horseplay is frowned on if not tolerated at all, but boys will be boys. At quitting time at the Roundhouse everyone strolls to the magic line that no one crosses untill the end of shift horn blows. Two guys, both machinist always ran to thier cars. but first a bit of background.


    Karky was from Germany after the WWII, he worked on the German railway during the war. Very nice gentelman and craftsman,  I was an apprintice and always interested with his history, he was not very open to most as this is 1965 and a few employees were still holding grudges. There was also a bit of jealosy as this man saved and bought propertey downtown since comeing to the US. 


    Richard was also a machinist and generly they both got along well, well untill the whistle blew. then it was a foot race for both of them the the paking lot, as they started to exit the shop of course the gate crowd was jering both of them on. then the gravel flew as dicks pick up  pepped karkys car wit pee gravel.


    Nothing was said the following day. at quittin time, except the German just walked to his car as Richard ran furiously,jumped in his pick up ( 55 chevy pickup) as he let the clutch ou, the gravel flew, but the pick didnt, as karky got in his car and waved to Richard as he passed by, Richard. Now when this has been going on for a long time and when thirty or so people witness somthing like this, it gets very humorus very fast, as the whole crowd stands around his pickup with two hydraulic jacks uner the rear spring perches 


    The third day both were joking around at end of shift, about who was going to eat whos dust as they raced to thier cars, Richard would have been second out of the lot, except for the logging chain tied to karkeys real axle.


    I know Richard did not do it as I worked with him that day, no one ever knew who went overboard with this practical joke.



  • Donald Miller
    Donald Miller I have heard of those kinds of Jokes John, especially when you work with knuckle busters that were years older than you were. One had told me stories of moving guys toolboxes and placing them in the back of down trailers. Not a very pleasant joke when on ...  more
    November 9, 2011
  • John  Warren
    John Warren Don, that is too funney. Would have love to see it, perhaps take part HA HA.
    November 9, 2011
  • Donald Miller
    Donald Miller Im glad you liked it john. I enjoy those kinds of things John. I can only tell you the things I have also done as my career in diesel mechanics grew, especially when I wore a younger mans clothes.
    November 9, 2011