Holiday Depression

  • Holiday Depression , First of all I apologize but I have no where else to share this.   Here we are and the Christmas Holidays are upon us once again time just moves too quickly, this used to be such a great time of year but only when I was very young and quite frankly I'm not prepared and I never have been prepared for the hype of the Christmas season BUYING ! Totally Sad. 

    Is this really the way we are supposed to observe the birth of Christ ?  I have been suffering from  depression for many years and I have a bipolar disorder, and annually this bout of depression starts from my Birthday November 27th , or Thanksgiving then Christmas and New years . All I can think to do is to bury myself in my modeling everyday, as I am disabled and can no longer hold a job so I can't bury myself in my job. . I am single/divorced 56, have health issues and worst of all I have only seen my 13 year old daughter twice in a year. She answers my emails only once in a great while.  This was her choice with no real explanation and it just really is taking it's toll on me. 

     Am I that terrible ?  Maybe I am to her.

    If it were not for medication to help with anxiety, depression and mania ,

    I don't know what I would do.

    Does anyone have any suggestions ?

    Has anyone been in a similar situation ?

    How do you cope ?

     Sometimes I can't get out of bed because I am so unhappy about all of this. 

    Your thoughts and prayers are all welcome. thank you Marty

  • bob  (gramps) hunt
    bob (gramps) hunt Marty let me point to Christ...believe in him and ALL things are possible. Read the Bible and run your trains, very easy medication. IT WORKS.....your daughter, try a face to face meeting. This is the way to tell real emotions.. start slow and easy.......  more
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  • marty makarick
    marty makarick thanks Gramps have not heard back from my daughter since thanksgiving
    sent her an email that there are presents here for her. That is all I can do is leave it in His hands above . Thank you for your kind words . God Bless you and keep in touch .
    December 23, 2013
  • peter mohlmann
    peter mohlmann it may be to late for this year, BUT! next year go buy yourself a "SANTA UNIFORM" they just go out and drive thru a couple of fast food place's.
    ou will be surprised at how many people you can bring smiles to.
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  • John Huey
    John Huey I'm a year older than you and in the same boat, except I'm seperated only, so that pain just keeps lingering. Dude, getting old is not for the weak. The only way I make it at all is to spend time in the Word each day; put aside sometime every morning for...  more
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