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    NYC contributed three FA1s to PC, but they were all out of service by the end of 1968,
    and were never repainted into PC colors. After the New Haven came into the fold on January 1, 1969,
    PC found itself again operating FA1's. Ex-NH 0401, 0418, 0426, and 0428 were renumbered PC 1330-1333.
    They would continue to work in the Boston area for another three years before being traded
    in to General Electric on new locomotives.

    PC 1333 is at Collinwood Yard in Cleveland, Ohio, in October 1971. Its days of service appear to be over,

    as it is missing its numberboards and it looks rather worn.
    The stenciling over the trucks reads "TO JUNIATA." It was headed to Altoona for eventual trade in to General Electric on an order of U23B's, but instead of being scrapped,
    it was later sold to the Long Island Railroad, where it became "Power Pack" car 617.
    This engine has been preserved (but not yet restored) at the Danbury Railway Museum in Danbury, Connecticut.
    Photo by John Swift, Jr. (92 K, 1/25/02)



    Forty-four NYC FA2s in the 1000 and 1100 number series joined the PC roster at the merger.
    (None of the PRR's FAs lasted long enough to work for Penn Central.)
    PC renumbered many of the 1000 series FAs into the 1300s by adding 300 to their former number.


    All FAs were gone from the PC roster by September 1971.

    One Penn Central FA, the 1350,
    was repainted into the "red P" paint scheme.
    The markings above the red fuel filler caps say "fuel oil is out."
    This may indicate that its career on the Penn Central is over by this point.
    It is seen here in the summer of 1968, probably at Erie, PA, on its way to General Electric as trade-in fodder.
    Photo by James J. Scott, from the
    collection of Michael Shannon and contributed by Marty Kaufman. (75 K, 8/2/03)


    I gathered this information from the internet and take no credit for the pictures or information. I reposted the information for the sole purpose of repainting and decaling 1 of each of these ALCO Locomotives in N-Scale and also to pass on this information to anyone that may be interested. thank you