1 Successful Long Pool Trip out of 8

  • Had myself a pretty good run home tonite from Centralia to Galesburg.We made it into the yard in just under 11 hours.  This is the first trip in 8 tries that I even have made it north of Beardstown or over the Illinois River for a little perpsective, let alone all the way.  We actually had to work for it too, lol.  We were 2 hours departing, stopped at Toland (connection track with the UP) for a bout 45 minutes.  We then went through the siding at Litchfield, had a cornfield meet with another train at the Lowder siding, holding the main, not quite stopping.  We had a switch and go at Jacksonville, another meet at Concord siding south of Beardstown for about 25 minutes.  We then rolled through the yard at Beardstown and on across the river with about 4 hours to work.  We were held at East Grimes, east end of CTC limits, for about 15 minutes waiting for another train ahead of us to rollup their track warrant so we could go.  From there we did not stop until we hit Bushnell Il and waited on another train heading for West Quincy Il.  After that  it was a straight 30 mile shot right into the yard.

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