Missing Railmodel Journal September 1989

  • I just learned of this site and love it!  What lead me to this site originally was my search for a series on the sand operations in Ottawa, IL.  There was a three issue article series that started in July running through September.  The September 1989 issue is missing from the archives.  Any reason?  By chance have I overlooked it?  Does anyone have this article scanned that could send it to me?  I would greatly appreciate any information regarding it.



    Steven Johnson

    Huntersville, North Carolina

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  • Eric Rissman
    Eric Rissman Just an off shoot Steven, check out Illinois railway vids on YouTube. Basic bill has done a bunch and you can see a good mix of there operation currently. I grew up near there and had family in Sheridan. You can drive right up to there shops also.
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  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson Excellent! I'll check that out. Thank you!
    April 12, 2013
  • Eric Rissman
    Eric Rissman http://www.youtube.com/user/basicbill1/search?query=illinois+railway
    Wedron is 1 of the major loadouts.
    April 12, 2013