15 years, then question answered

  • I was poking around in my garage tonight and ran across my 1st train set! and loads of Nscale bachmann eztrack. Anyway I was wondering back to when i was a little boy when I got the set, why would my train stall on the turnouts it was very hard for a kid not knowing why my turn outs didt well turnout, as I got a little older I packed up the old N scale set and track and move on to being a rock and roller, letting the set collect dust. Jump ahead 15 years Im now what most people call a "grown up" at 25, and back into the train hobby, and in a big way, now that my rock and roller day have rolled a away. that bring me back to the garage as I was finding my old Nscale stuff track, and rolling stock, I wondered with all i know about turnouts now I bet they were live frog turn outs, and at the time i got them I didt have the stuff to switch there poles........ I was right there they were live frogs and all 15 years later! 

  • Larry Doub
    Larry Doub If the loco is not an all wheel pick up for power, that could be the main reason for it, or if the frog is isolated as well I believe
    May 17, 2012
  • Cap't.Jack Scrymgeour
    Cap't.Jack Scrymgeour I forgot to mention it was when I was trying to make a passing siding the loco would stall depend how they were thrown
    May 18, 2012