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  • John Miller’s Cincinatti, Ohio Layout

    Photos by Robert Schleicher

    The focus of action for most real railroads lies in and around the major cities, none more so than Cincinnati, Ohio. Rather than trying to compress the area between New York and Cincinnati into a basement, John elected to recreate the real railroad action of Cincinnati's urban setting. There are some suburban settings on the Eggleston Branch, but the majority of the layout is dedicated to the Hillsboro and Undercliff yards (back-to-back, separated only by a sky divider). The east and west staging yards are also located beneath these two main yards. The remainder of the layout - and there's lot of it - is devoted to industrial settings like those in the photographs.

    John’s layout was only about 10 percent finished when we photographed it, but much more will be complete by the time of the NMRA National Convention in July. We'll show you his progress in "The Journal," of course.


    John Miller is modeling the industrial areas and principal freight and passenger yards of Cincinnati, Ohio circa 1970 in a 36 x 44-foot walk-in basement. This is a layout you can visit if you attend the 2005 National Model Railroad Association annual convention in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 7-10, 2005. There's an index of all previous articles on prototype-based layouts on our website at www.railmodeljournal.com.

    PHOTO 4.

    Newport, Kentucky Steel is on the right, with the east side of downtown Cincinnati's industrial area on the left. The Ohio River bridge from Newport to Cincinnati will cross this aisle a few feet in front of the camera.

    PHOTO 2.

    The west end of Cincinnati's downtown industrial area.

    PHOTO 3. The central downtown Cincinnati industrial area with cardboard mock-ups of the commercial warehouses and Ernst Steel Processing (the black buildings).




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