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  • ATSF Diesels ... The 76' Style

    Photo by Lynn Aldrich
    Prototype Modeler - October 1978 - Page 57

    Lynn Aldrich

    For those modelers who wish to keep up with the latest modifications, a few changes occurred in late '75 or early '76 that are minor but interesting. These details are simple to add and give the models a little extra personality.

    The modifications will generally apply to older motive power as new or rebuilt power of the last few years will already have these modifications incorporated. The older units, even though second generation, did not receive modifications as they came from the manufacturer. The most obvious change was the removal of the rear number boards. Most engines seen with this modification were done skillfully, however, one 6300 Class engine had them removed and the weld marks on the plates covering the old number board holes were still quite visible. This was un usual since most were quite smooth. After this change, the rear end should be paint ed yellow and the rear grab irons blue. A blue or black engine number should then be painted (or decaled) just below the rear headlight in the center. This will result in the grab irons standing out in contrast to the yellow end as with the prototype after it has been modified in this manner. For safety reasons, the footboard was removed. This was especially noticeable on the GP7's used in switching service. When removed from the model, it may be necessary to extend the front and rear pilot facings downward to the appropriate height above the rails. It should be noted that many engines may not display all modifications, some did, others received only partial modifications, and still others have received no changes. Sooner or later, however, all will conform to the new standards.

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    • Original Author Lynn Aldrich
    • Source Prototype Modeler
    • Publication Date October 1978

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