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  • MoPac Caboose Decals

    Walter Brown

    Jim Hickey photo.
    Prototype Modeler - December 1978 - Page 25

    One of the many difficulties in modeling a prototype railroad is the lack of a good selection in available models. The problem is further complicated when there are no decals to correctly letter a model even after you come up with one.

    Long ago we learned that when good quality decals were available, more and more modelers were willing to take the plunge into even some of the lesser known roads. At the present time, Walthers' decal catalog shows 16 different sets of Micro-Scale decals available for the ATSF alone... excellent ... but it is easy to remember when the selection was a lot less than that.

    A modeler interested in the Missouri Pacific is in the same position as the Santa Fe modeler was in years past with a glaring lack of authentic decals. In the past few years Micro-Scale has come up with their set 87 -74 for Missouri Pacific diesels and 87-113 for the new numbering system employed by the MP. Now the avid MoP modeler can rejoice, Micro-Scale has just issued set 87-183 for Missouri Pacific cabooses.

    It is difficult to be objective when you have been involved with a product but the effort will be made here.

    Micro-Scale's quality and clarity of decals has built them a fine reputation and it is continued here; it is as evident today as it has been in years past. The sample decal set received for review was excellent -- all words were clearly printed and can be read -- some with a magnifying glass -- but read none-the-Iess. But with 2" letters on a caboose this would be expected. All numbers and letters of the larger types are clearly printed and are of the correct style. Lettering and points of the "buzz saw" are crisp and clear.

    On the negative side of the decal set is the lack of "trust" lettering. While this is found on most new cabooses its lack is no big deal since the lettering is so small it could hardly be read anyway. The "data card" information appears one atop the other (white lettering and outline on a black panel) -- but in real life it may also appear with the panels side-by-side. But few viewers will notice this on your model caboose.

    The small heralds could have used the Missouri Pacific red coloring but the red paint on the caboose should be alright for this part.

    I feel sure that this decal set will be more than welcomed by the MoP modeler and it is a welcome addition to Micro Scale's fine line of decals. Naturally, we're looking forward to seeing additional decals for the MoP in the future. Possibly we'll see a freight set and one for Maintenance-of-Way since the lettering is so similar. Then, of course, there is a need for, a steam set, for the blue and cream diesels, etc. Anyone who might be able to supply information should contact me at Prototype Modeler.

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    • Original Author Walter Brown
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    • Publication Date December 1978

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