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  • The Roundhouse Triple Hopper

    by William J. Oertly Jr.

    Models, model photos, and prototype photos are by the author.
    Prototype Modeler - August 1977 - Page 56 Prototype Modeler - August 1977 - Page 57 Prototype Modeler - August 1977 - Page 58

    The Model Die Casting Roundhouse outside braced triple hopper in HO is advertised as a 1920's design; while this is quite possible, I have not yet located any photographs to verify it. However, for more modem cars it closely resembles equipment used on a number of roads. These, generally, are at least partially welded so the rivet pattern looks a little heavy but it is not objectionable.

    The following are some rolling stock that looks similar and the general specifications match the model.

    The above are illustrated in various and there are photo's of additional one's accompanying this article. Some of the C&O cars have been transferred to the B&O as one of the photographs shows.

    Since I model the WM and they had a fair number of them the model shown is correctly painted for the WM; the Round house paint job is way off. On the Western Maryland there were four batches of these cars:

    The model is one of the first batch but as they were repainted; originally they were similarly painted but without the WM initials on the sides and the numbers were in 12" letters, later some received the paint scheme shown on the model and the two other classes were delivered with it. After about 1960 they modified this paint scheme by adding the road class in the lower right comer of the side. All of them were originally red but now some have received the black Chessie paint scheme and more will in the future.

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    • Original Author William J. Oertly Jr.
    • Source Prototype Modeler
    • Publication Date August 1977

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