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  • Frisco Brakeman Doghouses

    by Don Wirth and Douglas Hughes

    Prototype Modeler - August 1977 - Page 55

    A common feature which could be found atop many Frisco freight steam locomotive tenders was a head-end brake man's enclosure commonly called a "dog house." They featured curved roofs, sliding side windows, a rear-opening door, and baffles ahead of the windows. They allowed the head end brakeman to be in a very convenient spot to assist in water and fuel stops. The location was atop the water tank just to the rear of the fuel area.

    These enclosures could be found on many tenders of locomotives of 600-, 700-, and 1400- class ten wheelers; 1200and 1300-class Consolidations, 1600-class "Russian" Decapods; and 4000-, 4100-, and 4200- class Mikados. Many photos which show placement to good advantage may be found in Lloyd Stagner's Steam Locomotives of the Frisco Line, (available through Marketing East, Inc. at $17.95) reviewed in the March/April issue of the Southwestern Prototype Modeler. This book shows that even two high-stepping passenger steam locomotives received doghouses sometime during their lives; ten wheeler 1102 and Pacific 1043.

    These enclosures can be easily modeled in sheet brass or styrene. The door out line can be etched into the material with a pointed tool and straight edge. A short length of wire may be used to model the door handle.

    California Loco Works Frisco Steam Loco Details

    by Don Wirth

    California Locomotive Works has recently released their new Frisco freight steam loco decal set, a much needed item for serious Frisco modelers.

    This excellent set includes enough numerals, data, and lettering to decal up to six locomotives per set.

    The white decals are silk-screened onto a thin, dull film and results in a brilliant opaque white decal when applied.

    Both 24" and 30" tender side numerals are included enabling the modeler to correctly letter any Frisco freight loco. Certain locos of the 4100 class, as well as the 4200, 4300, and 4400 classes used the 30" tender numerals, while the rest used 24".

    The sheets are printed with the "lazy" modeler in mind, with numbers printed in groups, such as 1618, 1309, etc. so an engine such as Hallmark's Frisco 2-8-0 could be numbered without even piecing together numbers.

    All numbers, data, and lettering used on Frisco steam locos is included in the set, even including the tiny "SL-SF" above the capacities on the tender rear. Several groupings of capacities are made up in blocks for some of the popular classes of locomotives.

    This is an extremely well designed decal set which is easy to use following the through instruction sheet and should provide the perfect finishing touch. Price is $2.00 per set.

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    • Original Author Don Wirth & Douglas Hughes
    • Source Prototype Modeler
    • Publication Date August 1977

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