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    Prototype Modeler - August 1977 - Page 7

    Most of us have heard the expression: "Today is the first day of the rest of my life." The writing of this editorial brings that phrase to mind since it marks the "first day" of the beginning of the life of Prototype Modeler magazine. Though the various editions of Prototype Modeler magazines have been around for quite a few years our "new" concept of a single magazine to cover all roads is just a beginning. It can also be said that it marks the end of the "old" Prototype Modeler but I sincerely feel that the "new" PM is as much an extension of the old as it is the beginning of the new.

    The many hundreds of pages on prototype modeling information that has been brought to past readers has done a great deal to make their modeling more enjoyable and more rewarding; the future will continue and significantly enlarge on this trend. The future issues of the magazine can only multiply the enjoyment and satisfaction of our readers. Though we may talk about the "new" Prototype Modeler we actually are only talking about a more and better "old" Prototype Modeler. Our principles, aims, and goals remain unchanged; our basic purpose is still that of making your hobby more enjoyable. We still plan to adhere to our past methods of bringing you more prototype information for your road than you would be able to get from any other source or group of sources. We look forward to an even more rewarding tomorrow.

    With the first issue of Prototype Modeler we open our pages to prototype information for all the roads in our country with the exception of the narrow gauge lines. We have included the first articles representing the eastern roads and will actively start to promote articles covering all the roads not previously covered as well as continuing to promote coverage of those we have been covering. We solicit those of you interested in these roads to submit article and/or photographic material for inclusion in future issues. What we have done in the past can be used as the criteria for what we would like to do in the future for eastern and central roads.

    The back cover of this issue announces the first in a series of Prototype Modeler craftsman type kits of prototype cars. This series of kits are being design by the fore most among us in the way of prototype modelers with the initial effort being that of Nelson McCormick, one of the most knowledgeable modelers in the country in so far as Pacific Fruit Express rolling stock is concerned. Nelson is also one of the better of the current crop of really proficient designers and builders in miniature. These k its are being handled by Marketing East, Inc. and will be available through them as well as through your local hobby dealer. Anyone interested in becoming involved in this series of kit development please drop me a line.

    Prototype Modeler, Inc., as a publisher of prototype oriented books, is also introducing a series of prototype oriented books. Many of you are aware of the first effort along these lines in the form of the book Santa Fe's Hi-Level Cars by Kogan, Occhiello and McCormick. That book has almost sold out with only a very few copies still in stock. The 1975-1976 Missouri Pacific Annual followed and met with equal success with only a limited number of copies still in hand. The third effort will be Chard Walker's book Railroading through Cajon Pass as advertised on page four of this issue. As a follow on to Chard Walker's book will be one by Pete Singher entitled Modeling Cajon Pass which is based on his fabulous home layout; a layout that is of the caliber of John Allen's Gorre & Dephetid of past fame. Several additional books a re being considered but we're still looking for more manuscripts of interest to modelers and fans a like.

    As we progress toward tomorrow we see a bright future that is intimately tied in with your future as a modeler and as a rail fan. We will continue our efforts, as in the past, to bring you the finest in prototype model ing information be it rolling stock, power, structures, or operations. To do this we need your help as we have in the past. Continue to support us with articles of your projects, photos of your finished efforts, and information of any kind that is of interest to your fellow modelers. With our broadened scope, pulling together to make our magazine even better will bring untold benefits to us all.

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    • Original Author Robert R. Longo
    • Source Prototype Modeler
    • Publication Date August 1977

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