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  • ExactRail's All-New N-scale Draft Box

    Reintroducing N-scale!

    The best prospect of directing product development is the opportunity to raise the bar. ExactRail has adopted a new set of standards for all of ExactRail's N-scale models. We believe that we can offer something better.

    With the upcoming announcement of the Trinity 64' TRINCool Reefer, ExactRail will introduce the all-new "scale" draft box. Better than anything we know, ExactRail's N-scale draft box best approaches the dimensions of an actual draft box–better than anything else on the market. This innovation is exclusive to ExactRail, and it will be available on all ExactRail N-scale models going forward.

    Inspired by this innovation, ExactRail's Trinity 64' TRINCool Reefer will also feature wire grabs on an etched-metal refrigerator platform and wire coupler cut levers!

    Please watch for our N-scale Trinity 64' TRINCool Reefer announcement! Then watch what ExactRail can do for N-scale. The desire for innovation is at the heart of ExactRail.


    Blaine Hadfield

    Vice President, Product

    ExactRail, LLC

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    • Original Author Blaine Hadfield
    • Source ExactRail.com
    • Publication Date November 11, 2011

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