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  • Micro-Trains Couplers For Con-Cor Auto Racks

    By Robert Schleicher

    Railmodel Journal - November 1994 - Page 8 Railmodel Journal - November 1994 - Page 9

    To upgrade appearance and minimize derailments, replace the couplers on the Con-Cor cars with Micro-Trains body mounted, pivoting couplers, as used on Micro-Trains 89-foot flat cars.

    Con-Cor offers its N scale auto rack in a variety of prototype paint schemes. The placards with the road names on the sides are separate pieces (as they are on the prototype), so you can remove them for painting or to upgrade the car with etched brass side panels as shown on the previous pages.

    Use a jeweler's screwdriver to pry the trucks from the Con-Cor auto rack car.

    Assemble the Micro-Trains 1019 couplers and pockets as described in the instructions. These are the same couplers and pockets used on the Micro-Trains 89-foot flat cars.

    Use flush-cut diagonal cutters to nibble away at the edges of the bolsters.

    File the sides of the bolster flush with the underside of the floor. The Micro-Trains 1019 coupler's U-shaped coupler pocket shank must fit around the bolster and be able to pivot about 5 degrees from side to side. File the sides of the bolster, too, to fit the coupler pocket.

    Move the file from side-to-side to shape the edges of the bolsters so the Micro-Trains coupler pocket shank can swing freely from side to side.

    Test-fit the shank frequently as you file to be sure you remove just enough material from the sides of the bolster.

    Use a common staple to retain the coupler pocket. Test-fit the coupler and pocket to see where to install the staple. Use a no. 78 drill bit, held in a pin vise, to drill holes to accept the tips of the staple.

    Place the coupler on the frame. Apply a drop of cyanoacry late cement to the tips of the staple and insert the staple into the holes you just drilled.

    Replace the trucks with Micro-Trains 1006 roller bearing trucks with low- profile wheelsets. The trucks fit the pins on the bolster. Test the action of the coupler pockets to be certain they swivel freely, and pry or push the staple so the coupler pocket has a smooth side-to-side motion.

    Check the coupler mounting height with the Micro-Trains 1055 coupler height gauge. If the coupler is too low, insert a no. 2 or a 2-56 brass washer between the truck and the bolster. If the coupler is too high, try loosening the staple a bit to allow the coupler to droop slightly.

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