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  • Rock Island Auto Rack From Walthers HO Scale Kit

    By Mike Daniels

    Railmodel Journal - November 1994 - Page 4 Railmodel Journal - November 1994 - Page 5

    Modify the sides of the basic rack, extend the individual panels, and create a replica of this Rock Island auto rack.

    This Rock Island auto rack differs from the prototypes for the Walthers HO scale and Con-Cor N scale models. The tops of each of the vertical posts on both these kits terminate in a T-shaped support for the roof rail. On this prototype, the vertical supports lack that T-shaped support. The sides on the Schaefer kit (shown in the June 1992 issue of "The Journal") match the Rock Island car, but I preferred the detail and size of the Walthers model. I used two kits; the second kit supplied t he extra side panels needed.

    Use a rectangular file to remove the ends of the T-shaped supports for the sides before painting or assembling the model.

    Use a razor saw to remove the top ribs from all the large panels on both kits as shown in the drawings. Use the razor again to remove the top rib from one set of large panels. The goal here is to make new large side panels that will not have the notched upper corners. Test-fit the panels as you make each cut to be sure the panels completely fill the openings in the sides.

    Remove the top two rows of ribs (one raised rib and one lowered rib) from all the small side panels. Remove the next pair of raised and lowered ribs from one set of side panels. Cement that set of two ribs to the tops of the first set of small panels. The goal is to fill the small openings with the modified panels.

    Paint the model before installing the side panels. I mixed equal parts Floquil 110056 GN Blue and 110011 Reefer White for the Rock Island Blue and used 110100 Old Silver for the roof and 110144 Platinum Mist for the sides. The decals are a combination of Herald King F-541 (for the flat car side sills) and Microscale 817 and 87-705 for the upper portion of the sides and ends.

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    • Original Author Mike Daniels
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