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  • Some D&RGW Consolidations

    by Con Sweet


    From the collection of Con Sweet
    Prototype Modeler - December 1977 - Page 21 Prototype Modeler - December 1977 - Page 22

    From 1888-1890, the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad had Baldwin Locomotive Works build 75 standard gauge 2-8-0 locomotives for them, class No. 120. These engines had 20" x 24" cylinders, 46" drivers, weighed 113,000 pounds, exerted 24,900 pounds of tractive effort, and carried 140 pounds boiler pressure. They were reshopped later in their lives and made to exert either 25,600 pounds or 27,780 pounds of tractive effort, carry 160 pounds boiler pressure, weight from 115,000 to 120,000 pounds, and had either 46" or 50 1/2" drivers. All of these engines had Stephenson valve gear.

    In 1923-1924 the D&RGW renumbered and reclassified all of their locomotives. This particular class only had 61 of the original 75 engines renumbered and re-classified. The other 14 engines had either been sold to other railroads or scrapped. This class was original numbered from 555-629 and were renumbered 629-691. They were reclassified either as being a C-26 or a C-28. The "C" indicated a wheel arrangement of 2-8-0 and the "26" or "28" indicated that that was the nearest thousands of pounds of tractive effort that they exerted.

    The "673" was built in 1890 with Baldwin assigning the number 11261 to her. She was originally numbered "603" by the D&RG and was renumbered "673" in 1923. She weighed 192,00 pounds with loaded tender. Her tender had a capacity of 4,500 gallons of water and 9 tons of coal. she was 58'-1 5/8" long and9'-6" wide over the running boards.

    The 673 had the distinction of being sister engine to No. 583., formerly the San Luis Valley Southern No. 106, which they bought from the D&RGW in May of 1947. Before that she was No. 683 on the D&RGW; originally she was numbered 583. This is the only known standard gauge D&RGW steam locomotive left in existence and has been preserved by the Colorado Railroad Museum at Golden, Colorado.

    Key Importers have recently brought out a fine HO scale brass model of the 583 which is a C-28.

    The pictures used in this article were taken by my father who worked for the D&RGW for nearly thirty years. These shots were taken in and around 1938 and 1939 at Funston, Colorado. Funston was the location of the CTC for Glenwood Canyon at that time and was located near the town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. For the specifications, I referred to a copy of "Folio L" from the "office of the Chief Mechanical Officer" in Denver, Colorado, and to Steam in the Rockies which is a roster of steam locomotives of the D&RGW put out by the Colorado Railroad Museum.


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