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  • ExactRail Product Announcement: 2 New releases available Tuesday November 9th!

    2 New releases available Tuesday November 9th!

    Gunderson 2420 Gondola in 6 All-New paint schemes

    Gunderson 2420 Gondola Undecorated Kits  

    MP Weathered PC&F Beer Car

    Gunderson 2420 Gondola

      Only $21.95 MSRP!

      Factory equipped with Kadee® No. 5® Couplers!

    All-new paint schemes!

    Railroad: CSX
    Road #'s: 3 Road #'s
    SKU:  EX-1207

    Railroad: SSW
    Road #'s: 3 Road #'s
    SKU:  EX-1208  

    Railroad: PC
    Road #'s: 3 Road #'s
    SKU:  EX-1209

    Railroad: CNW
    Road #'s: 3 Road #'s
    SKU:  EX-1210

    Railroad: MP
    Road #'s: 3 Road #'s
    SKU:  EX-1211

    Railroad: UP
    Road #'s: 3 Road #'s
    SKU:  EX-1212

    Railroad: Undec Kit
    SKU:  EX-1200

    MP Custom Weathered PC&F Beer Car

    *Available in limited quantities. 

    Custom Weathered!

    Railroad: MP
    Roads #'s: 3
    SKU: EP-80501

    Along with the all-new paint schemes available, don't forget ExactRail's Gunderson 2420 Gondola in the 'Late' SP paint scheme!  Click to view products page

    These products will be availale on Tuesday November 9th. To place an order at that time please visit www.ExactRail.com, call toll-free 1-866-945-1701, email orders@exactrail.com, or send your order via fax to 1-801-437-2493.

    Thank you for your business and happy railroading!

    Sincerely, ExactRail - Chris Clune | CEO - John Pestana | Co-Founder

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