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  • Pennsylvania (PRR) Alco C425

    by Rich Picariello

    Photos from the authors collection; credits as indicated

    Model Railroading - May 2004 - Page 29 Model Railroading - May 2004 - Page 30

    The Prototype C425: The 2,500-hp C425 (Alco specification number DL640B) was introduced by Alco in 1964 as a member of their Century Series. At the end of production in 1966, 91 had been built. C425s rode on AAR Type B four-wheel trucks.

    Pennsy had 31 C425s (PRR Class AF-25) acquired in late 1964 and 1965 and num15 17 29 bered 2416-2446. When Pennsylvania and New York Central merged to form Penn Central, they were absorbed into the PC roster and retained their Pennsy road numbers. They also retained these same road numbers into the Conrail era.

    The Scale Model C425: Atlas has offered an Alco C425 in their line. This locomotive has recently been reintroduced in their Classic Series and now has an updated mechanism, wire grabirons, Accumate couplers and other improvements. The Tiger Valley C425 is a powered white-metal kit (PRR kit #C425-6) priced at $110.00. Order from Tiger Valley Models, PE 1070 County Rd. #23, Phelps, NY 14532,

    Model Railroading - May 2004 - Page 31

    Modifications necessary for a PRR C425: The enlarged fuel-tank sides will have to be made from plastic tubing of the appropriate size. Cut the tubing lengthwise yielding two half-round pieces that can be glued to each side of the fuel tank. Ends are made from styrene sheet and are shaped to the round contour after being glued in place. The steps on both sides of the cab need to be cut into the sawtooth shape shown in the photos. Remove the battery boxes on both sides of the cab. Any openings left in the steps or carbody need to be filled with styrene. Battery boxes are located under the left side rear walkway (see photo of 2429). Two air tanks are located only under the right-side walkway over the fuel tank.

    Paint and Decal Notes: PRR hood diesels and most of their electric locomotives were painted Brunswick Green, a very dark green that is almost black. Due to heavy weathering, it is difficult to determine if the trucks and fuel tank were either Brunswick Green or black on these locomotives (any help from Pennsy fans on this?). Handrails were Brunswick Green with yellow at the step areas.

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