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  • Union Pacific Locomotive Renumberings

    Compiled by Sean Graham-White Source: Union Pacific Railroad

    OPPOSITE PAGE: Renumbered and repainted former Chicago & North Western SD40-2 3037 awaits its next assignment at Proviso Yard in the Chicago area. Sean Graham-White photo ABOVE: A corner road sign stands guard at Davis Junction, Illinois. Ironically, Davis Junction is not located on the Union Pacific. BELOW: Two trains meet at Princeton, Colorado, on Union Pacific's famed crossing of Tennessee Pass. All six locomotives in the two consists will be renumbered and repainted. The models include AC4400CW, 8040-2, SD40M-2, and SD40T-2.
    RailNews - October 1997 - Page 46 RailNews - October 1997 - Page 47

    What was once the relatively simple task of integrating Chicago & North Western's locomotive fleet into its larger gray-and-yellow mass became much more complicated when Union Pacific acquired Southern Pacific. Finding and integrating the number series for the myriad locomotive models must have been a daunting task. The railroad's goal is placing locomotives of the same model together in number series-and with a few exceptions-it has succeeded. The roster below is a condensed renumbering plan and does not separate number series where retirements have occurred. It is current as of June 1997 and includes additional units acquired from lease fleets and other railroads since the merger.

    Chicago & North Western GP40 crosses Wisconsin Central trackage at Weston, Wisconsin. These locomotives-acquired from Conrail-may survive a little longer as Union Pacific 885-717. Even some existing Union Pacific locomotives will be renumbered. Union Pacific 2359-seen crossing the Mississippi River in St. Paul-will wear 2709.
    RailNews - October 1997 - Page 48 RailNews - October 1997 - Page 49

    Southern Pacific's GP60s, often used in high-speed intermodal service, will be renumbered after Rio Grande's three GP60s, from 5703-5893.
    RailNews - October 1997 - Page 50 RailNews - October 1997 - Page 51

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