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  • Top 10 Children’s Train Sets for Christmas 2010

    By Tonya Brisnehan

    For Christmas 2010, the top 10 children’s train sets are a wonderful combination of simpler toys for the young to sets an adult collector will appreciate.  Although there are quite a wide variety of trains to choose from, some timeless classics hold a solid position in this rather elite list.

    In terms of general consumer popularity, below are the 10 bestselling children’s train sets coming into the 2010 holiday season:

    1. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set: This set for kids comes from a name in toys that is known to be “tried and true” for its quality construction and ability to relate to little ones. If someone is searching for a complete train set for a younger child, this is an excellent choice. The recommended age is for kids three years and older with a retail price of around $120.
    2. Lionel Trains Polar Express Train Set – O Gauge: Although this train set is recommended by the manufacturer for kids eight years of age and older, due to its amazing detail and similarity to nostalgic trains of the past, it might just be a favorite for any member of the family – young or old. One of the pricier items on this list, it retails for around $330, but for those who are on the lookout for a durable train set to delight a wide age range, it can be well worth the price.
    3. Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play Cranky at the Dock Train Set: Along the lines of entertainment for even the youngest of train fans, what seems to make this particular set appealing is the “Cranky” character – a crane that can actually be used to pick up material and load it into the toy trains. This set retails for around $25.
    4. Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway – Down by the Docks: Similar to the train set listed just above, this wooden railway is recommended for children around three to six years of age. However, this particular set is much more complete with not only “Cranky” but also a bridge, additional characters, a play mat, and more pieces to compliment the setting. The list price for the Down by the Docks set is around $150.
    5. Fisher Price GeoTrax On the Go Zoo Train Set: There are a few features of this toy that give it a unique twist, perhaps especially the general design, which makes it easy to pack up and take anywhere that children go. It is recommended for children age two to seven, with a retail price of approximately $35.
    6. Melissa and Doug Classic Wooden Figure Eight Train Set: For children three years of age and older, this train set is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a simple and classic choice in train sets for kids. It is also priced for those on a budget with a retail price of around $30.
    7. Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway – Jeremy and the Airfield: Per manufacturer’s information, this train set is appropriate for little ones as young as one-year-old to approximately eight years of age. It is one of the more elite “Thomas” sets, having not only a set of tracks with a bridge, but also different characters and an airfield. The retail cost of this selection is around $150.
    8. Choo Choo Express from Peg Perego: This train set is most definitely unique in any lineup due to the fact that it is built for children to ride on. A downside is the fact that it accommodates a rather narrow age range of 18 months to 3 years – on the other hand, if one is shopping for a child within this age group it just might be the most delightful Christmas present under the tree. The retail price for the Choo Choo Express is around $200.
    9. Life-Like Trains HO Scale Rail Master Electric Train Set: True to its name, this train is quite lifelike, having the appearance of a Santa Fe locomotive, complete with a functional headlight for nighttime use. There are also a number of other features that may be appealing to young collectors. The recommended age for the Rail Master electric train set is eight to 12 years, with a retail price of around $80.
    10. Fisher Price GeoTrax Transportation System Remote Control Train Sets: There are several different “Transportation System” train sets from the Fisher Price lineup, each of them are designed to work together. The most popular include the “Fastest Team Meet Aero and Eric”, “Timbertown Railway” and “Merriest Team Holiday Express”. All of them can be used with or without a remote control, and in general, are some of the most-loved train sets for children between two and seven years of age. The retail price for any given set from this collection will vary depending on which is chosen, but in general one could expect to pay anywhere from about $35 to $150.

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