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  • ExactRail New Product Announcement

    All-new paint schemes available Tuesday December 14th! 

    Gunderson 5200 Box Car in 2 all-new paint schemes and undecorated kits

    PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper in 3 all-new paint schemes


    Gunderson 5200 Box Car

    Only $21.95 MSRP!

    All-new paint schemes!
    Railroad: SSW
    Road #'s: 6 Road #'s
    SKU: EX-1007
    Railroad: MP
    Road #'s:3 Road #'s
    Undec Kit
    SKU: EX-150000

     Factory equipped with Kadee® No. 5® Couplers!

    *Also available in BNSF, MNS, SLS and NP paint schemes


    PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper

     Only $36.95 MSRP!


    All-new paint schemes!Railroad: EL 

    Road #'s: 6 Road #'s 
    SKU: EP-80174
    Railroad: Scoular 
    Road #'s: 6 Road #'s
    SKU: EP-80178
    Railroad: TLDX
    Road #'s: 6 Road #'s
    SKU: EP-80179

      Factory equipped with Kadee® #58 Couplers! 

    *Also available in Slot-Top, BKTY and LV paint schemes 

    These products will be available on Tuesday December 14th. To place an order at that time please visit www.ExactRail.com, call toll-free 1-866-945-1701, email orders@exactrail.com, or send your order via fax to 1-801-437-2493.

    Thank you for your business and happy railroading! 


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