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Jim Martin: Jim's radio broadcasting career includes both the private sector and the CBC, Canada's national network. During his many years on air he was a reporter, announcer, news director, talk show and news magazine host, and his favorite part, interviewer. For many years he was also the book review and video review editor for Canadian Railway Modeller. More recently he has been writing articles for Railroad Model Craftsman. He also enjoys presenting backdrop painting clinics to local groups and train shows.

Trevor Marshall: Trevor cut his teeth in radio at Standard Broadcast News, a national radio newswire service in Canada. The radio news writing style has served him well in his current profession as a freelance writer for clients in the transportation, life sciences, and government sectors. Trevor's articles for the hobby press have appeared in Model Railroad Planning, Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman and other publications and he regularly presents model and prototype railway clinics on a variety of topics. He finds everything about the hobby interesting, but is particularly interested in the process that goes into a well-thought-out, prototype-based layout.

Chris Abbott is our Technical Director. Jim and Trevor would still be talking to each other without his help.

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High Tech and High Art

The Model Railway Show

RFID for car tracking and Effective use of color on model railways: an artist’s perspective

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RFID for car tracking

   The model railway hobby is full of sub-hobbies, and for Seth Neumann and Chris Drome one of those sub-hobbies is electronics. They enjoy developing high-tech systems to enhance operation on Seth’s HO scale, modern-era layout.

   Taking their cue from today’s full-size railroads, which use Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) systems to track rolling stock, Seth and Chris have developed a similar system for Seth’s layout. It relies on Radio Frequency Identification – a proven and popular system for inventory control, lost pet identification, and other tracking needs.

   As Seth and Chris tell Trevor, the layout’s RFID system uses tags on each piece of equipment to be tracked, plus readers to track them. They note the installation has proven to be very reliable and has enhanced operating sessions. They also offer some suggestions for those looking for more information, including the RFID for Model Railroading Yahoo Group.

Effective use of color on model railways: an artist’s perspective

   Troels Kirk doesn’t like airbrushes and he doesn’t believe hobbyists need dozens of custom-mixed paint colors. He also prefers paper over wood or styrene when building structures.

While many modelers may find those approaches unconventional, there’s no question that the approach works for Troels, who is building a stunning narrow gauge railway set on the Maine coast. In just a few short years, the On30 Coast Line RR has become a hugely influential layout for narrow gauge enthusiasts around the globe.

   Troels, a Danish artist living in Sweden, is a prolific model-builder who regularly publishes progress photos on the Coast Line RR’s page on Facebook, offering a near-daily dose of inspiration. His techniques are described on a one-hour DVD called Realistic Color for Railroad Modeling, available directly from Troels.

   He joins Jim to discuss his interest in Maine railroading, his use of color, and how his work as an artist influences his approach to the hobby.