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Jim Martin: Jim's radio broadcasting career includes both the private sector and the CBC, Canada's national network. During his many years on air he was a reporter, announcer, news director, talk show and news magazine host, and his favorite part, interviewer. For many years he was also the book review and video review editor for Canadian Railway Modeller. More recently he has been writing articles for Railroad Model Craftsman. He also enjoys presenting backdrop painting clinics to local groups and train shows.

Trevor Marshall: Trevor cut his teeth in radio at Standard Broadcast News, a national radio newswire service in Canada. The radio news writing style has served him well in his current profession as a freelance writer for clients in the transportation, life sciences, and government sectors. Trevor's articles for the hobby press have appeared in Model Railroad Planning, Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman and other publications and he regularly presents model and prototype railway clinics on a variety of topics. He finds everything about the hobby interesting, but is particularly interested in the process that goes into a well-thought-out, prototype-based layout.

Chris Abbott is our Technical Director. Jim and Trevor would still be talking to each other without his help.

Otto Vondrak is our Creative Director. That awesome badge and banner on the site? That's his doing.

David Woodhead is our Music Director. If you find yourself humming our theme song, well - you're not alone. Jim and Trevor have had it stuck in their heads for weeks now. Well done, David!

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In this episode…

Tom Barbalet, producer and host, Model Rail Radio.

Joe Fugate, publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist.



Podcasting for everyone


Two years ago, Tom Barbalet created the very successful Model Rail Radio call-in show and podcast. But he’s no stranger to podcasting.


Tom joins Trevor to explain why he believes every model railway enthusiast can podcast, how he started in podcasting with a venture called Ape Reality, how a podcast about podcasting encouraged him to launch Model Rail Radio, why the MRR T-shirts are seen everywhere (including here), and why you might want to invest in one of these.



The future of model railway publishing


If anybody knows about creating a hobby magazine for the Internet age, it’s Joe Fugate.


Joe’s latest venture – Model Railroad Hobbyist – is an online “e-zine” that can be downloaded and read on a computer, tablet or smart phone. It’s been available – free – for almost three years now and has seen a steady increase in readership and advertisers.


Joe has been well-known in the hobby for many years as an innovator. His HO Southern Pacific Siskiyou Line layout popularized the Mushroom double-deck layout design, in which each deck faces a separate direction, so only one deck may be viewed at any time. And with Model Trains Video, he embraced the power of the moving picture as a way to teach fellow hobbyists about techniques ranging from construction to operation.


In conversation with Jim, Joe describes the birth and growth of Model Railroad Hobbyist and its power to pull various media together to enrich the traditional magazine experience. He also shares some of his plans for the future.