Steve Neubaum's Album: IHC/Mehano Snowplow

John found this IHC/Mehano snowplow in his office. I suggested we use it on his winter themed display layout... after some improvements. The clips that held the plow to the gondola body were broken, and it needed more weight before it could be pushed reliably. And a battery powered LED headlight. And a body mount coupler. And lower the body on the chassis. Thing looked like a monster truck!

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  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds Nice project Steve!! I have this car in NYC paint. It has received a body mounted Kadee and extra weight. I like the LED and swapping of trucks idea. Thanks!
    April 20, 2020
  • Steve Neubaum
    Steve Neubaum The snap in roller bearing trucks might fit in a Tyco. If they do, then I'll probably put them under a 60' double door boxcar, as Tyco's ASF ride control journal box trucks predate the 60' box, at least for the most part.
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