Paul (D&RGW fan) Liddiard's Album: Rio Grande XM boxcars

So, I was looking at some of my HO Rio Grande boxcars, and Jim Eager's Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment. I have an Athearn XM 64035, which is not too bad, but not exact. 64000-64099. Next, I have an Intermountain double door XM 63576. This should be mineral brown with white lettering. 63500-63699. Then we have an Athearn double door XM, 63735. This should be painted Grande gold over silver with a black seperation stripe, since the car has tall ladders and a roof walk. In the solid orange scheme, it should have the roof walk removed and short ladders. 63700-63799. Then another Athearn XM 63294. This is a combination door. Painted in mineral brown and white. 63200-63299.l The next photo is of an LBF, XM numbered 63500. The Grande had 200 of these cars, 63500-63699. Then another Athearn XM combination door in orange with black ends, 63084. 63000-63099. A Walthers waffle box XM is next, 64122. It's not the correct type of waffle car for the Grande. 64100-64149. And lastly, an LBF high cube XL 62023. The Grande had 50 of these, 62000-62049. The photos may not bee in the exact check the numbers.