Neal M's Album: Florida layout

Planning my layout in Florida..More to follow...

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  • Neal M
    Neal M The box above the door is where i am considering a movable or lift up gate. I have considered your idea, and also considering putting in a helix and run point to point..Still mulling the options...
    December 28, 2016
  • John  Warren
    John Warren Hmmmmm wondering if he is planning to squeeze the juice in Florida....then send it North to chill it??? Now that would be some juice train
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  • Andy Jackson
    Andy Jackson Neal: there's a gazillion track plans already on the internet. Do a Google search using whatever parameter you want like scale, room size, operation types, protoiype or freelance, etc., etc. Find something you like that meets your needs & post it here for comments.
    December 28, 2016
  • Neal M
    Neal M Andy, thank you. I've been online and have some ideas from the MR site as well as elsewhere...I'll be working on it and will post when I come up with some plans. Have a Happy New Years!
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