Paul (D&RGW fan) Liddiard's Album: D&RGW LO hoppers

These are four ACCURAIL covered hoppers. The 15595 is an ACF car built in 1973, the others are Pullman Standard built in 1974. Accurail sells a renumbering decal sheet that lets you get up to 12 different car numbers. I renumbered two of these. I really love the way these go together! they are great kits!!!

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  • Matt Jackson
    Matt Jackson As it is with Geeps, you can never have too many covered hoppers. Between the ACF 55-footers, PS4427's, PS4750's, ACF 34-footers, and PS2's (2 and 3 bay), I must have about 80 of them and that's after I donated some to the club and gave away others. The n...  more
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