Steve Neubaum's Album: Davenport Peoria & Western F-3A

This is a lead Cary F-3A body. Got enough F-3s to make two A-B-B-A lashups with a spare A unit. And enough Fts (Also by Cary) to do an A-B-B-A and an A-B-A lashup. Most will be painted for the Davenport Peoria & Western, my ficitious roadname. Rock Island color scheme, New York Central style lightning bolt (With a minor deviation on the nose). Planning to use a white gel pen and a straightedge to make the lines in the stipe on the nose. The DP&W is supposed to be a joint owned road between the Rock Island and the New York Central.

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  • Matt Burton
    Matt Burton Steve, That's going to look sharp when you get it finished up and on the rails!
    December 21, 2015