Steve Neubaum's Album: Restored 1936 American Flyer Hiawatha

My American Flyer O gauge Hiawatha I was given for Christmas. It's come a long way from looking as if it were repainted with house paint and a water cannon (Which is worse than house paint and a broom!) As of now (Jan. 9) the job is not complete, I still need to replace the pilot, install new wheels on the pilot truck, and locate a suitable trailing truck. For now, though, it is fully operational, as the worlds fastest 0-4-0!

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Handrails and Motor Brushes
The brass handrails were fairly corroded, but I think they polished up nicely. Flyer made these easy to maintain by making the motor shaft bearings and the brushes easily accessable for maintenenace. Sacrificed realism a bit though. But, in 1936 I doubt many people cared.