Ross Kroenert's Album: B&O Layout 2016

It's been a couple years since I was active here. I decided the layout I started in 2014 was not going to work with duck-unders. So, I decided to tear it down before spending time, money and energy and instead built a new room addition to house a better layout! This will give me 2 rooms in a roughly an L shape. One room is the original 15x25 and the new room 17x14. Part of the idea was to make the original room a place to entertain too, so it has a full bar, TV and sound system. The layout is built to show off the trains as "furniture". The new room addition will be 2 levels with city and harbor scenes. I will add pics as this progresses.

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Woodland Scenic, Scenic Express, and homemade trees.
I make a lot of Woodland Scenic fibre balls covered in various color combinations of foam attached with cheap hairspray for the background trees.
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