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Wizard oil is an old time service station just inland, between Walnut Creek and Oakland in the 1950's! It is open day and into the early night, when the cool coastal fog begins its return into the Bay area! Modeled by Charles Smiley on his HO layout! Charles Smiley Writes: The station was built from an article in RMC magazine (July 1988). It was based on photos in a book called "Taken by the Wind". This model is bashed from two Campbells wood kits but it could be just as easily made all from scratch using Basswood.The kits were the Assay Office and the Clothing store crunched together. It was made for a diorama in a Lexan display box until I used it on my present layout. There is more at

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  • Mark Charles
    Mark Charles Gino, did you make the photos?
    November 2, 2016
  • Gino Pagliaro
    Gino Pagliaro Mark,
    The photos are taken for the by Charles and sometimes myself. We also shoot video of the layout occasionally. This is on our official cspmovies layout, which features the SP and WP in the Bay Area in 1956! We are always playing with the lighting to...  more
    November 2, 2016