Rob C's Album: Horseshoe & Cottonwood R.R.

Progress shots on the HOn3 Horseshoe and Cottonwood layout. This multi-deck layout models part of the Carson and Colorado and the fictional H&C line that is modeled after the Bodie & Benton, a wild ride through the Sierra Nevada mountains to boom towns circa 1911.

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The SPNG track is at the right at Owenyo with the branch going off to Keeler off the edge of the table. There's just enough room for a loco and a car to do a run around on that siding. The H&C is the tracks on the left at Owenyo. The center track will be dual guage with the SP all the way down to Diaz. The tracks on the far lft at Owenyo and the wye are NG only and represent the eastern-most terminus of the H&C. There is also room on the dual gauge for a runaround.