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Simple controls
Not much to the 1830 Locomotive controls. A main steam valve, the two levers to work the "Gab Valves" and a safety valve that regulated steam pressure. No gauges. The Water injectors were manually operated by the fireman. Considering there was nothing to indicate water column height, I am curious how many early locomotives lost steam due to low water.
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  • Eccentric Crank
    Eccentric Crank I thought these early engines used axle or crosshead pumps, a few with a hand auxiliary pump before injectors were invented.
    When were try cocks introduced?
    March 11, 2017
  • Roger Broederdorf
    Roger Broederdorf I probably should not have used the word injector, because you are correct, they were a hand operated pump. Eventually this was tide into a mechanical motion relieving the fireman of this duty. I just thought most would identify with the term injector. Ex...  more
    March 12, 2017
  • Roger Broederdorf
    Roger Broederdorf To Eccentric Crank. I found a German drawing of the 1830 Stephenson Locomotive. You are spot on with the water pump running off an axle. I thank you for bring this up. There are many things I am still trying to get a handle on from these early locomotives...  more
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